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How do I create a score file for online analysis?

The online version of CLAMP requires that the scores derived from the pink lines on the scoresheets are assembled into a file where the first line must be a line that has the leaf character state headings, and the first column contains the names of your samples. It should look like the file at the top of this image:

Image showing how to construct a file for uploading and analysis

You can have data for any number of samples in your file. If the data for any column or row are incomplete the analysis will return no data other than those for the calibration plots. So if your samples do not show on the output then there is a problem with your uploaded sample score file. The simplest way to construct the file is to copy successive pink lines into the example score file called "Fossils.xls" that can be downloaded from here, save the file as in .csv (comma delimited) format giving it a single word name beginning with an alphabetical character, e.g. "MyFossils.csv".


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