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PhysgSH90 Calibration Files

Photograph of New Zealand vegetation in Holleyford Valley


The PhysgSH90 calibration is made up of 90 sites from Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, southern Africa, Bolivia and Argentina. An overview of the calibration dataset and its properties was published by Kennedy et al. (2014). The southern Africa sites are described in detail by Steart et al. (2010), while those for Bolivia are presented in Gregory-Wodzicki (2000). Not all the scoresheets are availablefor this dataset. Missing are those from Bolivia and those relating to historical collections from New Zealand.

Download the SH90Physg file.

Download the SH90HiResGridMet file.

To see the SH90 scoresheets click here.

  New Zealand Lake
  The vegetation of New Zealand is both taxonomically and physiognomically distinct. This image shows the Lake Wilkie site.


SH90 Scoresheets

  Alex Knob 5, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Apies Bay, South Africa  
  Argentina 1  
  Argentina 2  
  Baie d'Magenta, New Caledonia  
  Banks Peninsula, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Bellbird Walk, New Zealand  
  Bilburin National Park, Australia  
  Binna Burra Basalt Burned, Australia  
  Binna Burra Basalt, Australia  
  Binna Burra Rhyolite, Australia  
  Blue Duck, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Bowling Green Bay NP, Australia  
  Brunner Peninsula, New Zealand  
  Buffelsnek, South Africa  
  Camiri, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Cape Vidal, South Africa  
  Clump Mountain NP, Australia  
  Cochabamba, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Concepcion, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Conondale NP, Australia  
  D'Aguilar NP, Australia  
  Daintree NP, Australia  
  Ella Bay NP, Australia  
  Eungella NP, Australia  
  Forest Burn, New Zealand  
  Giants Castle, South Africa  
  Girringun NP, Australia  
  Goukamma, South Africa  
  Hollyford Valley, New Zealand  
  Hull River NP, Australia  
  Kaituna Track, New Zealand  
  Karee Kranz 1, South Africa  
  Karee Kranz 3, South Africa  
  Karee Kranz 4, South Africa  
  Keka, Fiji  
  Kuranda NP, Australia  
  Lady Lake, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Lake Colenso, New Zealand  
  Lake Mary, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Lake Wilkie, New Zealand  
  Le Chateau, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Link Track 4, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Long Hilly Track, New Zealand  
  Marloth, South Africa  
  Monteagudo, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Mount Archer NP, Australia  
  Mount Bauple NP, Australia  
  Mount Fyffe, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Mount Koghis, Fiji No Scoresheet
  Natua, Fiji  
  Otira Gorge 1, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Otira Gorge 2, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Otira Gorge 3, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Otira Gorge 4, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Otira Gorge 5, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Otira Gorge 6, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Padilla, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Paluma Range NP, Australia  
  Puhipuhi, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Punakaiki A, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Punakaiki B, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Rainbow Gorge, South Africa  
  Riv. Bleue, New Caledonia  
  San Ignacio, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  San Jose, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Santa Cruz, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Seqaqa, Fiji  
  Shallow Bay, New Zealand  
  Sheoak Ridge, Australia  
  Sluicebox Footbridge, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Smithy Creek  
  Sorata, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  South Mavora Lake, New Zealand  
  St Lucia, South Africa  
  Storms River, South Africa  
  Sucre, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Tarabuco, Bolivia No Scoresheet
  Tautuku Coastal, New Zealand  
  Te Anau Downs, New Zealand  
  Tongariro 1, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Tongariro 4, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Tonteldoos, South Africa  
  Tronson, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Ulva Island, New Zealand No Scoresheet
  Wonderkrater, South Africa  
  Wongi NP, Brooweena, Australia  
  Wooroonoran NP, Australia  
  Woowoonga NP, Australia  
  Zudanez, Bolivia No Scoresheet


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