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Example of a CANOCO Solution (Results) File

For a typical CLAMP run the solution file consists of over a thousand lines of data. Instead of viewing it on a webpage download the file by clicking below and view in Excel. The part of the file that contains the biplot scores for the fossil samples, and that should be pasted into the spreadsheet for calculating the palaeoclimate results, is shown at the bottom of the samples biplot scores table. In the download available here it is shown, for demonstration purposes, in light blue. More information about where these fossil sample biplot scores should be pasted is given in the section on the results spreadsheets.

The biplot scores for the climate vectors are shown in pink. Normally there is no need to copy and paste these in to the results spreadsheets as these remain constant provided the calibration data sets (Physg files) and the calibration climate data (Met files) are unaltered. If you do choose to alter the reference data sets (or use any settings in CANOCO other than the defaults) you will need to construct your own results spreadsheets because the regression equations will change. Please note that the regression equations are not automatically recalculated for you. Changing the data sets is not recommended.


Download an example of a CANOCO solution file in Excel 5.0/95 format (140k)


  Photograph of Taiga vegetation in Siberia
  Taiga vegetation sampled in Siberia.


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