USNM 37332 Cycadites ? sp.  


Hollick (1930)

Pl. 2, Fig. 12




From Hollick (1930) (p. 42)

"Yukon River, north bank, about 10 miles below Blatchford's mine (original No. 3AH23); collected by Arthur Hollick and Sidney Paige in 1903 (lot 3262)."


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From Hollick (1930) (p. 42)



From Hollick (1930) (p. 42)

"This specimen is too fragmentary and too poorly preserved for either description or definite identification. It appears to belong in the same generic category as Cycadites unjiga Dawson (1882 [1883]) (p. 20, pl. 1, figs. 2, 2a, 2b) from the Cretaceous of the Northwest Territory, and it is strikingly similar to Cycaditcs morrisianus Dunker (1846) (p. 16, pl. 7, fig. 1, Braunschweig) from the upper Jurassic of northern Germany. On the other
hand, a close examination reveals what appear, obscurely, like the remains of sheaths at the bases of the leaves, suggesting the structure of Pinus. In the circumstances it may be regarded as a gymnosperm, and most probably a cycad specifically related to or identical with one or another of the species mentioned.

It may also be compared with Dioonites dunkerianus (Goeppert) Miguel, as identified by Fontaine (1893) (p. 265, pl. 36, fig. 12; pl. 37, fig. 1) from the Lower Cretaceous of Texas; but our specimen apparently possesses only a single nerve or midrib, which would indicate relationship with Cycadites rather than with Dioonites."