Kuk R. 66 Pagiophyllum triangulare Prynada Taiwania arctica




Kuk R. 66. Kuk River.

Locality Map



In Smiley's collection this specimen is identified as Taiwania arctica, and is part of a collection of similar material referred to as Taiwania cf.T. cryptomeroides in LePage (2009) because of the similarity to the modern species T. cryptomeroides Hyata. However material of this type has long been referred to as Pagiophyllum triangulare Prynada in the Cretaceous of Russia. LePage lists the genus Pagiophyllum as one of several fossil genera that have generally similar leaf morphology but does not make direct comparison with P. triangulare Prynada. His comparison of the Alaskan material with the modern is based on gross morphological features and with vegetative material alone (i.e. tha absence of attached cones) we regard it as prudent to retain the name erected for the fossil material (P. triangulare), particularly as this is more useful for biostratigraphic correlation.