GIN4843/410b Trochodendoides emimensis Golovneva  


Figured in Moiseeva (2012), Plate 9, Fig. 4 and Text Fig. 24d.



Amaam Lagoon Locality 11



From Moiseeva (2012) (p. 71)

"Medium-sized leaves 5–10 cm long and 3–7 cm wide, simple, entire, ovate, oval-ovate or rhomboid, most wide in the middle or a little lower. Leaf base narrow to broad cuneate. Acute apex acuminated to minor extent. Petiole incompletely preserved is up to 1 cm long and 1.5– 2.0 mm thick.

Lower margin below line of maximum width is entire, with minor glandules; above that line margin regularly serrate. Asymmetrical teeth 0.5–2.0 mm high and 2–5 mm wide are pointed upwards; their basal side convex, longer than apical one that is concave as a rule, but sometimes straight or convex. Glandules are at the apexes. Interdental sinuses rounded, not deep.

Venation actinodromous, with three to five primary veins; the latter are comparatively thin, taking origin in petiole below the leaf base. Lateral veins thinner than midrib, oriented to it at the angle of 10°–15° delineate narrow cuneate arena. Being almost straight from below, these veins arch inward higher and, anastomosing with central vein near the leaf top, form two to three loops. The thinner distal primary veins (if present) joining with inner veins form series. Near the lower margin, venation is brochidodromous, in the middle and upper parts semicraspedodromous or festooned semicraspedodromous; in the last case, anastomosing deviations of lateral veins form several rows of loops decreasing in size toward periphery, and frequent branches of external loops enter the teeth. Tertiary venation alternate-percurrent; venation of the fourth order orthogonal-reticulate. Polygonal, predominantly pentagonal areolae approximately equal in size are filled in with anastomosing veinlets of the fifth order."



From Moiseeva (2012) (p. 71)

"Holotype: BIN RAS, no. 1199/90; Koryak Upland, Emima River basin, Skalistyi Creek; upper subformation of the Koryak Formation, Maastrichtian (Golovneva and Herman, 1992, pl. II, fig. 4)."