GIN4843/45a Trochodendroides lamutensis Golovneva  


Counterpart (GIN4843/45b) figured in Moiseeva (2012), Plate 9, Fig. 8.



Amaam Lagoon Locality 1



From Moiseeva (2012) (p. 72)

"Medium-sized leaves 6.5–9.0 cm long, 4.8–8.0 cm wide, simple, entire. Shape of leaf blades oval to oval-ovate, sometimes roundovate. Leaf base cordate or cuneate; leaf apex acute.

Leaf margin serrate; in the middle part, teeth are 1–2 mm high, 2.5–5.0 mm wide, asymmetrical, pointed to the top. Their basal sides slightly convex to straight, whereas the apical sides are always straight. Sinuses are not deep, rounded.

Primary venation actinodromous, with three to seven, predominantly five primary veins, embossed, brochidodromous to festooned craspedodromous. Strong primary veins branch from the leaf base. Inner pair of primary veins outlines narrow oval or elliptical arena. Ascending into the upper part of leaf blade, this pair of arcuate veins is anastomosing with lower secondary veins. The other pairs of shorter basal veins directed to the leaf periphery are anastomosing one with another and form series of second-order loops reducing in size toward margin. Numerous veinlets departing from outer sides of loops terminate at the tooth apexes. Tertiary venation alternate-percurrent. Venation of the fourth order polygonal reticulate, and respective ortho- to pentagonal areoles envelop pattern of the fifth-order veinlets."



From Moiseeva (2012) (p. 72)

"Holotype: BIN RAS, no 967/835; Koryak Upland, lower reaches of the Anadyr River, Lamutslaya River; upper part of the Rarytkin Formation, Danian (Golovneva, 1991, pl. I, fig. 3)."