MFGS 4/109 Celastinites aff. septentrionalis (Kryshtofovich) Golovnena  


See Filippova (2010) Plate 20 Figure 1d.



Pekul'nei Ridge Eastern Slope



Simple (pinnate appearance); actinodromous; elliptic; apex missing; acute base; teeth close, irregular, round; midvein curved or straight, strong; weak pectinals; pectinals and superior secondaries similar strength, weaker than midvein, strongly curved, diverging from midvein at 50° to 80°, branching and looping near margin joining superadjacent secondaries; semicraspedodromous; basal pectinal abmedials form brochidodromous loops; tertiary veins percurrent usually forked; fourth order veins mainly random reticulate. (Similar to morphotype 55, but in 55: base is round not acute; teeth are acute and more regular; pectinals and superior secondaries branch near margins, rather than curving.)