MFGS 34 Celastrophyllum racemosum Philippova  


See Filippova (2010) Plate 23 Figure 4.



Pekul'nei Ridge Eastern Slope



Simple (pinnate appearance); elliptic, L:W ratio c.1.5:1; apex missing; round base; teeth close, regular, acute and round; midvein slightly sinuous; pectinal veins weaker than midvein, diverging from midvein at 70°, curved; some superior secondaries stronger than pectinals, diverging from midvein at 50° angles decreasing apically, curved, curvature increasing near margin and apex, some forking abmedially towards margin; craspedodromous but pectinal abmedials and inferior secondaries form brochidodromous loops; tertiary veins percurrent mainly simple, straight.