MFGS ? Dicotylophyllum sp.  





Pekul'nei Ridge Western Slope



Simple (weakly pinnate appearance); basal actinodromous; unlobed or lobed; ovate or elliptic; round apex; bases round or cordate; teeth close, regular, round; midvein slightly curved; pectinal veins weaker than midvein and slightly stronger than superior secondaries; a-pectinals diverge from midvein at 35° to 50°, slightly curved or straight, some recurving near margin; pectinal abmedials diverge from pectinals at 55° to 70°, curved, some forming brochidodromous loops; superior secondaries usually diverge from midvein at 35° to 45°, curved, curvature increasing apically; craspedodromous; tertiary veins percurrent simple or forked, usually convex; fourth order veins orthogonal to random reticulate.



This leaf has unique characteristics that prevents it being assigned to any currently described species, but it lacks precise locality data.