USGS11493.1 Indet. U178


USNM 406845




69.328°  -153.011°

Ikpikpuk River Area, Tommy Creek

17-24 m high bluffs on the east side of Tommy Creek consists of coal beds overlain by a gray bentonitic clay.  This is capped by a gray siltstone and conglomerate.  Probably representing the Tuluvak Tongue of the Prince Creek Formation, this locality yielded abundant plant debris and some whole leaves from the siltstone.

Locality Map


Leaf:  simple (?); symmetrical (?); shape unknown; apex missing; base missing; margin not preserved; venation palmate actinodromous; primary midvein moderate, probably straight but irregularly curved in this specimen; secondary veins arising more or less at right angles, curved, frequently branching dichotomously ultimately forming brochidodromous marginal venation; tertiary veins usually simple but sometimes branched, transverse more or less straight, irregular in place joining secondaries more or less at right angles; fourth order veins irregular in course, usually transverse, often branched, sometimes forming a reticulum.


This unfortunately incomplete specimen is the only one of its kind so far collected and because it is so incomplete it cannot be assigned with any degree of certainty.  In the description it has been assumed that most of the lamina is represented in the specimen and the prominent vein on the left of the specimen is the midvein.  It is equally possible that the 'midvein' represents an a-pectinal of the entire leaf.