USGS11599.1 Indet. U187


USNM 406834




56.277° -158.659°

Chignik (B-2) Quad. 

Middle part of Chignik Formation.  Fluvial facies.

Locality Map   


Leaf:  simple; symmetrical (?); ovate; apex obtuse with a rounded, possibly retuse, tip; base lobate; margin with large widely spaced teeth, teeth apices rounded with small spinose tips, wide shallow rounded sinuses and concave sides, teeth variable in shape, size and spacing; venation appearing pinnate craspedodromous with severe congestion of the secondaries at the base; midvein straight, moderate; secondaries moderate curved, basal secondaries departing midvein at greater angle than those above, the two more prominent secondaries branch at 80° near the margin; tertiaries indistinct, percurrent convex.


This distorted and poorly preserved leaf is pinnately veined although superficially it appears palmate.  The two strongest secondary veins are weaker than the midvein and although they branch near the margin they lack abmedials.  Two, possibly, three, pairs of secondaries depart the midvein basal to these strong secondaries.