USGS11614.6 cf. 'Vitis' venusta Hollick HAPLTL125


USNM 406765



Locality Map


Lat. 60° 36' 36"N  Long. 164° 49' 18"W

Baird Inlet (C-8) Quad. Nelson Island.


Leaf:  simple; symmetrical; shape unknown; apex missing; base lobate; margin unknown except for a small portion near the base which is entire; venation suprabasal perfect marginal actinodromous; primary midvein moderate, straight; pectinal veins arising at an angle of 45-50°, straight, moderate, giving off abmedials at angles of approximately 45°, the more basal abmedials recurved into the basal lobes and branched frequently, the more apical abmedials straight, often branched and arranged normal to the midvein, abmedials closest to the margin uniformly shallowly curved in an apical direction; superior secondary veins moderate, straight, departing midvein at 40°; tertiary veins percurrent, convex, forming an acute angle with the ad- and abmedial sides of the secondary veins and pectinals; inferior secondary veins recurved into the basal lobes and the more apical of the two pairs branched near the margin.


Although missing there can be little doubt, from the other characteristics of this leaf, that the margin would be composed of teeth with angular apices and rounded sinuses and that it represents another leaf form displaying hamamelid characteristics.  The base suggests the leaf may belong to the Crednaria complex although a similar form is 'Vitis' venusta (Hollick, 1930, p. 104; Plate 80, Fig. 4).