USNM 37543A Asimina knowltoniana Hollick  


Hollick (1930)

Pl. 44 Fig 4 (5)




From Hollick (1930) (p. 80-81)

"Yukon River, north bank, at Blatchford's mine (original No. 3AH19); collected by Arthur Hollick and Sidney Paige in 1903 (lot 3258)."


Locality Map



From Hollick (1930) (p. 80-81)

"Plate 44, Figures 4, 5"

"Leaves petiolate, oblanceolate, entire, tapering above to a wedge-shaped, curved, obtuse apex and below to a narrow wedge-shaped base, 8.75 centimeters in length by 2.5 centimeters in width at a distance of 3.5 centimeters below the apex; nervation simply pinnate; seecondary nerves numerous, subparallel, irregularly arranged, leaving the midrib at angles of approximately 45°, curving upward toward the extremities, thinning out and ultimately coalescing close to the margin."



From Hollick (1930) (p. 80-81)

"This species resembles Asimina eocenica Lesquereux (1872; 1878) (p. 387; p. 251, pl. 43, figs. 5 - 8) but that form does not possess the distinct oblanceolate outline of ours.

The specific name is given for Dr. F. H. Knowlton, of the U. S. Geological Survey, in recognition of his valued advice and assistance in the preparation of this paper."