USNM 37641 Zizyphus electilis Hollick  


Hollick (1930)

Pl. 79 Fig. 7




From Hollick (1930) (p. 103)

"Chignik Bay, Alaska Peninsula, about 2 miles northeast of Alaska Packers Association cannery (original No. 958); collected by T. W. Stanton in 1904 (lot 3521)."


Locality Map



From Hollick (1930) (p. 103)

"Plate 79, Figure 7"

"Leaf petiolate, elliptical, with a blunt apex and a rounded base, 3 centimeters in length by 2.25 centimeters in width across the middle; denticulate from below the middle upward, entire below; nervation palmately acrodrome, suprabasilar; primary nervation consisting of a straight midrib, a pair of relatively strong, simple inner laterals and a weaker exterior pair that are simple below and looped above, where they merge into the secondary nerves connecting with the inner primaries and give off fine nervilles that extend to and terminate in the denticulations."



From Hollick (1930) (p. 103)

"This delicate little leaf is sufficiently different from the other species of Zizyphus with which it is associated to warrant specific distinction. The suprabasilar feature of the primary nervation is well defined. The inner pair of primaries start at a distance of about 2 millimeters above the base of the leaf; the outer pair at a distance of about 1 millimeter. The midrib is abruptly thickened from the junction of the inner primaries downward and merges into the equally thick petiole below."