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Numerous individuals have contributed to CLAMP development. The collection of leaves for calibration has been made possible by the help of: Tony Kraps, Howard Schorn, Kazuhiko Uemura, Arata Momahara, Liz Kennedy, Lena Stranks, Kate Gregory-Wodzicki, Alexei Herman, Cheng-Sen Li, Su-Ping Li, Jian Yang, Tao Su, Frédéric Jaques, Rakesh Mehrotra, Naresh Mehrotra, Guarav Srivastava, Subir Bera, Sreelekha De Bera, and Teresa Spicer. Others are acknowledged in the collection data associated with the score sheets. Paul Valdes devised the gridding scheme for the meteorological data following discussions with Bob Spicer and Helen Craggs. Jian Yang wrote the code for the online analysis.

The late Jack Wolfe's contributions were partially funded by NSF Earth System History's Award 9726256. Both JAW and RAS benefitted from awards from The Royal Society of London. The Royal Society and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have supported recent and ongoing additions to the calibration files and the development of gridded meteorological data.

Transformations were explored and developed by Vasilis Teodorides. The Russian data were collected by Alexei Herman with a grant from the Open University Alumni Fund.

The CLAMP Online analysis environment was written in 'R' so thanks to all those who contributed to the R project: R Development Core Team (2010). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. ISBN 3-900051-07-0, URL We also used the Rwui site for generating the interface. If you use this site to carry out a CLAMP analysis please acknowledge it. It takes a lot of (largely unfunded) time and resources to develop, update and maintain.


  Photograph of river margin vegetation in Thailand
  Riverside vegetation in Thailand. Modern CLAMP samples include a lot of vegetation along river and lake margins because these are preferentially represented in fossil assemblages.





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