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To use CLAMP reliably a degree of skill is required. This is particularly so in the scoring process. On this page there is a link to a zipped folder containing images of leaves that we have scored so that you can practice your scoring skills. Download the zipped file and open it. You will find images of 20 leaf morphotypes from a site in Thailand. There is also a link to a partially completed scoresheet for this site. Although measuring size is fairly straightforward on real leaves if you use the template, to measure size on downloaded images required either specialist software or printing the images to actual size and then using the template. Because this can be a tedious process we have filled in the size data on the scoresheet already, so all you have to do is score the other characters.

When you have done your scoring you can download our completed scoresheet to see how you got on. You might find it a useful exercise to run a CLAMP analysis with both your scores and ours to compare the climate predictions.

Note: This is a subset of a collection of 43 morphotypes from a site in Thailand that is used in the PhysgAsia2 calibration dataset.

Download the zipped practice images

Download the partially completed scoresheet

Download our completed scoresheet

  Photograh of mangrove vegetation in the Sunderbans, India.
  CLAMP calibration sites include mangrove vegetation.


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