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Alaska Russia        


This page provides a quick overview of those localities where graphic logsand lithostratigraphic columns describe the sedimentary succession containing plant fossils. The style of the graphics varies depending on who made them and when they were made.

Amaam Lagoon   Arman River Section 006


Arman River Section 008  
reduced size log of Amaam Lagoon Stratigraphy   reduced size log of Arman River 97 section 006   reduced size log of Arman River section 008  
Novaya Sibir' Island Bunga Section Chauna Section Cape Konglomeratovyi Section
reduced size log of Bunga Section reduced size log of Chauna section reduced size graphic showing the stratigraphy of the Kongloneratov Peninsula
Grebenka Section  
reduced size log of Grebenka section  
Kotelnyi Island Section   Pekul'nei Ridge East Section   Pekul'nei Ridge West Section  
Reduced size graphiv showing the stratigraphy of Kotelnyi Island   reduced size stratigraphic graphic of the Poerechnaya section   reduced size section of Tylpergernenai Section  
Ugolnaya Bay section   Cape Valizhgen Section   Cape Yelistratov Section  
reduced size section at Ugolnaya Bay   reduced size section at Valizhgen Peninsula   reduced size section at cape Yelistratov