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Alaska Russia        


This page provides a quick overview of those localities where graphic logs describe the sedimentary succession containing plant fossils. The style of the logs varies depending on who made them and when they were made.

Upper Colville River 85JTP02   Upper Colville River locality 85JTP09


Upper Colville River Locality 85JTP17 Starfish Bluff Upper Colville River Locality 85JTP18 Ninuluk Bluffs
Reduced size section 85JTP02   reduced size section at locality 85JTP09   reduced size section of Starfish Bluff reduced size section at Ninuluk Bluffs
Upper Colville River locality 85JTP05 Kukpowruk River Locality 2 Kukpowruk River Locality 11
reduced size section of locality 85JTP05 reduced size section of locality  Kukpowruk 2 reduced size log of Kukpowruk 11
Sagavanirktok River Sagwon 1   Sagavanirkton River Sagwon 1.5   Sagavanirktok River Sagwon 2  
Sagwon 1 section   reduced size log of Sagwon section 1.5   reduced size log of Sagwon section 2  
Arctic Slope USGS 11606
reduced size log of locality USGS11606